Acquisition of a second Cannula Technology from UCLA

February 20 2018

Spectrum Medical is pleased to announce that it has acquired a second exclusive licensing agreement with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Technology Development Group on behalf of UC Regents. The license relates to intellectual property that supports clinical applications requiring Extracorporeal Circulation to support pulmonary gas exchange functions (ECMO) and/or circulatory support of the left heart.

 “Spectrum Medical is particularly proud to have been selected by UCLA for a second partnership on this exciting new technology which now completes the development of a complete product strategy that will deliver in the medium term a unique full systems approach to the management of extracorporeal circulation, left heart and right heart ventricular support” said Steve Turner, Spectrum Medical CEO. “All of us at Spectrum Medical are committed to the advancement of both the practice and care of critically ill patients around the world and to the UCLA partnership”.