CE Approval for the Quantum Heater-Cooler

January 10 2020

It’s with great pride that I can announce today that Spectrum Medical has received CE certification for its Quantum Thermal Technology which is affectionately known around the world as Mr Frosty.

Mr Frosty, is in fact a System consisting of the Heater-Cooler unit, the Charging System, the Bacteriostatic Fluid and a supporting range of Sterile Heat Exchangers that has taken four, very intense years, to develop and has consumed significant personal and financial resources to bring this technology to the market.

At long last there is now a solution to a worldwide problem of water in the Operating Room and patient fatalities due to Chimera. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project and thank you to all our potential customers who gave continuous encouragement and motivation to see this project to fulfilment. We hope FDA approval will follow shortly.

Steve Turner CEO