Dual Chamber Oxygenator and the Quantum SuperPAC

May 24 2021

It is with great excitement that I can announce a major milestone in the continuous development of the Quantum range of CPB & ECLS Perfusion technologies. 

Today, Spectrum Medical has received CE certification for its revolutionary new Dual Chamber Oxygenator and the Quantum SuperPAC.  This means that Spectrum Medical can now offer a complete range of Quantum Sterile Technologies with both 6 hour and 29 day indications. 

What started out as a team of three in Mirandola, Italy in June of 2017 has now grown into a significant operation with world leading process technologies.  We cannot speak highly enough of our Mirandola team, local expertise and regional support for what has been a truly amazing achievement. 

Our pursuit of perfection will continue, the integration of Informatics Technologies, Perfusion Systems Technologies and now Sterile Technologies into one homogenous solution will change the lives of patients and the clinicians taking care of them.

Steve Turner,