First use of The Quantum HLM at the NYP, New York

June 20 2018

Spectrum Medical and New York Presbyterian-Columbia partnered to conduct the first case in the United States with Quantum Heart Lung Technologies.  The case was a tremendous success and once again showed Spectrum’s investment in the Extracorporeal space and commitment to bring game changing technology to providers who are looking for every advantage when it comes to patient outcomes.  Spectrum Medical looks forward to our continued partnership with New York Presbyterian-Columbia as we continue to develop and launch new solutions.

Kenmond Fung, MS, CCP
Chief, Clinical Perfusion

“The Customizable frame, pump, and user interface makes the new Quantum heart-lung machine (HLM) truly innovative and user friendly. The sophisticated best practice and complication apps gives another added level of safety never seen before with any other HLM out there. Overall two thumbs up !!!”

Michael P. Brewer, MS, CCP, FPP
Chief, Cardiovascular Perfusion
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York 
Columbia University Medical Center/NYP

“Rarely are you lucky enough to practice during a time of true revolutionary change.  The future technology, equipment, and product line in development at Spectrum Medical will signify a paradigm shift in the care of patients undergoing open heart surgery.  Spectrum expects to not just raise the bar but set the standard in the extracorporeal market. As a clinician I am always looking for the best products and equipment to deliver the elite care to my patients and I believe Spectrum Medical will be the best partner to do just that...”

James R. Beck, CCP
Director, Clinical Perfusion & Anesthesia Support Services
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Columbia University Medical Center
Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

"Finally, after 30 years of CPB with relatively minor improvements in patient care, we have embarked on real life changing Perfusion and CPB strategies. We are moving toward the same safety improvements seen in the airline and automotive industries. Using technology to improve safety and operator performance will directly improve patient care. In addition to the new Quantum Heart-lung machine, we are also excited about the new products and technologies planned from Spectrum Medical to address; bleeding complications associated with CPB, reduce heater-cooler infection, reduce systemic inflammatory response and reduce neurological injury from gaseous micro emboli. These are exciting times for our patients and their families as well as the field of Perfusion Science, allowing us to truly live up to the ideology, We Put Patients First!”

Chloe Choi, MS CCP
NYP- Columbia University Medical Center

“It is my desire, as a certified cardiovascular perfusionist, to provide the best level of patient care possible. In this field, where excellence is expected, we often look to the future to improve our equipment and technology so that we may continue to provide this excellence. Spectrum Medical has delivered us a glimpse into the future and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence with intelligent programming, and design of the Quantum heart-lung machine. I feel very fortunate to be working in this new era of perfusion technology and look forward to seeing what else the future holds”.