Hybrid Reservoir Technology

January 08 2018

Spectrum Medical has confirmed that as of 14th December, 2017 it has acquired the rights to use key intellectual properties relating to the Hybrid Reservoir technology pioneered by Yehuda Tamari, president of Circulatory Technology Inc., Oyster Bay, New York.

Steve Turner, CEO, reaffirmed again Spectrum Medical’s total commitment to increasing the level of perfusion technology to improve patient outcomes and patient safety. The venous reservoir is one of the most critical components used today in the perfusion circuit and yet this critical function remains undervalued. The Hybrid Reservoir is a closed system that: 

  • is as easy to use as a hard shell venous reservoir
  • is safer to use than current soft shell venous reservoirs
  • allows for vacuum assisted venous drainage and incorporates a vapor trap 
  • handles vent blood separately from sucker blood
  • filters sucker blood through multiple filters, including passing through the venous screen
  • provides a high volume capacity before blood contacts the cardiotomy filter
  • has a very low blood-air interface

The Hybrid Reservoir reduces the blood-air interface that is associated with adverse outcomes and improves overall blood handling. The advanced Hybrid Reservoir is an absolute imperative for Spectrum Medical and a fundamental part of its new smart perfusion technology.