Spectrum Medical announces the successful integration of its anesthesia record into MEDITECH HIS

January 14 2014

Spectrum Medical is proud to announce the successful integration of its anesthesia record into the MEDITECH HIS.  This legal record is now easily viewed as part of the patient record within the MEDITECH system.  This will provide much improved patient safety by allowing the critical information contained in the anesthesia record to be accessed along with the rest of the patient experience. In many hospitals, the anesthesia record is the last remaining area to be documented on paper.

“This is a tremendous step forward in developing a lasting footprint in the MEDITECH user community.  Anesthesia has long been recognized as a challenge to integrate and we are proud to have accomplished a truly complementary integration into MEDITECH.  Furthermore, customer feedback has expressed that the record is ‘by far, the best 3rd part integrated record we have ever seen’! “according to Kevin Ledet, Vice President of Clinical Information Systems at Spectrum Medical.