Spectrum Medical announces additional mobility options to its Anesthesia Information Solution

August 13 2014

Spectrum Medical has announced the addition of a tablet option to its already proven VIPER workstation.  The addition of a 60601 certified medical grade tablet will allow the clinician to accurately capture the pre-operative and post-operative anesthesia record in a variety of disparate locations.  After careful consideration and evaluation, it was readily apparent that “off-the-shelf” tablets will not with stand the demanding environment of anesthesia.  

“Our rugged tablet option will allow Spectrum Medical to offer a complete end-to-end anesthesia record that easily integrates into the hospital HIS.  The proven user interface is now available on a tablet that complies with patient safety and infection control initiatives with-in the hospital” says Steve Turner, CEO Spectrum Medical.  He adds “ In addition to our VIPER intra-operative workstation with integrated, robust device connectivity included, we now have the mobility to capture the entire anesthetic record from anywhere in the hospital with our tablet”