New Quantum Heater Cooler

October 25 2017

Spectrum Medical previews its revolutionary new Quantum Heater Cooler technology at the EACTs meeting in Vienna. 

Beatrix Hanisch, V.P. of Global Sales said that there was overwhelming support from all attendees for this powerful and revolutionary Heater Cooler technology that eliminates the use of water and therefore, the growth environment for the Mycobacterium Chimaera bacteria and for hazardous cleaning procedures.

It’s a hit says Asta Turner, Marketing Manager. The world understands Mr. Frosty, the purity of its design and Spectrum Medical’s commitment to resolving a global problem.  

We like to think of Mr. Frosty as being one of our very first binary solutions so said Steve Turner, CEO of Spectrum Medical. You have water or you don’t, you either destroy your laminar flow system or protect it!