Quantum Heater-Cooler First Clinical Use

February 13 2020

Cardiac History was made today at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (UK).  For the first time ever in Cardiopulmonary Bypass, patient thermal regulation was conducted with Spectrum Medical’s Mr Frosty Glycol-based thermal technology that eliminates the use of water. Water is a recognised growth environment for the NTM Chimera bacteria as well as other potential pathogens. 

Mr Frosty is a System consisting of the Heater-Cooler unit, the Charging System, the Bacteriostatic Fluid and a supporting range of Sterile Heat Exchangers. Development has taken four very intense years, and stand as a testament to Spectrum Medical’s commitment to maximising both patient and clinician safety in the high acuity ECLS space.  In comparison, other providers offered nothing new other than the hazardous use of cleaning chemicals with ever-increasing levels of toxicity.

Mr Will Lansdown, Deputy Head of Perfusion – Bristol Royal Infirmary, said it was wonderful to be able to conduct extracorporeal support during cardiac surgery knowing that the risk to patient and clinicians of being infected by NTM Chimera had been eliminated. Using Mr Frosty was easy, and the noise levels were non-existent.

Steve Turner said there is no end to this journey into the demanding and fascinating world of ECLS.